2012 ARC, Race Day 3: Goodland to Sault Ste. Marie

Dawn in Goodland, Kansas.

Goodland, Kansas

Some are transported to their airplanes in style!
staff car

Ready to leave at dawn from Goodland, KS!
Plane ready to go

Yep, that’s Nebraska!
Flying over Nebraska

And Mary Wunder’s team squeaks by us in her Mooney:
Mary Wunder's plane

We stop in Watertown, SD to refuel and catch our breath. Headwinds all the way, bumps, and hot hot hot!
Watertown, South Dakota sign

The trip from Goodland was really hot and bumpy. Carol was our timer and chart checker in the back seat, and after Watertown she got really quiet. It was when she started turning green that we really started to worry. We were supposed to flyby to continue at Ashland, WI, to pick up those kick-ass tailwinds to Sault Ste Marie but decided to stop for a health break.

Sometimes you just get lucky. Others left to grab the tailwind while Team DC3 recovered. Deb was on board but wistful about the winds. We stayed a little over an hour, enjoying grilled brats and the sweetest hand-picked strawberries you ever tasted. Carol laid back with some ginger ale and after a while started to feel better. We decided to continue, taking our time getting ready.

Meanwhile, other teams who left earlier ran into an unexpected wall of rain and had to divert. Some landed at an off course airport, losing a huge chunk of time.
Watertown Airport

What luck to leave later! While others diverted, we sailed right in to Sault Ste Marie.
Sault Ste Marie


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One response to “2012 ARC, Race Day 3: Goodland to Sault Ste. Marie

  1. Phil

    Your boss is waiting in the driveway for you to come home!


    We miss you. Maxie’s pining for you!!! So sad!

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